Implants are root-shaped elements (photo 1) that compensate for the lost tooth and serve as the basis for placing porcelain crowns, porcelain bridges and acrylic-based prostheses.

The composition of dental implants is pure titanium of the 5th degree, as well as implants with TI6AL4V composition, where in addition to titanium they also have aluminum and vanadium in their composition (titanium – 6%, aluminum – 4%, vanadium).

It was prof. Per-Ingvar Branemark from Sweden, who discovers that titanium is the most biocompatible material for bone, has done several years of research to prove the biocompatibility of titanium. modern history of dental implants.

Why is it important to make up for missing teeth?

There are many reasons why it is important to make up for missing teeth:

• If you have all your teeth, you will have more self-confidence.

• When the teeth are missing, the place where the teeth were in the jaw begins to retract and in time you may lose so much bone available for implant placement that you will need surgery to repair the bone with artificial bone.

• Tooth loss affects the quality of chewing and food selection, many people who lack teeth are not well nourished, this can affect their health.

• Tooth loss changes your bite, changing your bite leads to problems with your jaw joint.

• Tooth loss leads to changes in speech and also affects your self-esteem.

Who is a potential candidate for dental implants?

Patients who have good oral and general health who have accidentally lost one or more teeth are potential candidates, while there are a certain number of diseases and conditions in which implant placement is contraindicated, poor care of oral hygiene, excessive alcohol and tobacco consumption, and patients with compromised immunity.

How is the placement of dental implants performed and how long does the placement procedure take?

The first stage is, the dental implant which looks like a screw or cylinder (Photo 3), is placed on the bone means in the place where the tooth is missing (photo 2), then in 2 to 6 months the implants are left in the bone to be done the connection between the bone and the implant at the cellular level (so-called osteointegration). The whole initial placement procedure takes 30-60 minutes depending on the number of implants to be placed.

The second stage is performed after 2-6 months after the bone-implant connection is made, this phase is necessary for the detection of the implant and the placement of the part, the so-called Abutment that connects the dental crown with the body of the implant.


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