Dental Implants

What is a dental implant

  • Dental implants are titanium screws that are inserted into you jaw and play the role of the root. After a healing period of 4 months the implant is connected to your definitive ceramic crown.
  • There are many different types of crown materials to chose from, depending on patients aesthetic expectations you could chose from Regular PFM crown to Zirconia and Emax.

What is an " all on 4 " ?

Traditional dentures are often unconfortable especially during eating. All on four dental implants is the name of the procedure applied on edentulous patients where only 4 implants are possible to be placed. These 4 implants are used to hold the final prosthesis avoiding the discomfort and pain caused by removable denture.

The denture could be screweed onto the implants or it could be designed to be anchored with special attachments. The benefit of the second option is that you can remove your dentures at home maintaining a better oral hygiene

Screwed in Denture

Removable Denture

What is an " all on 6 " ?

All on six dental implants is a procedure where six implants are placed symetrically three at each side of your upper or lower jaw. It offers the benefits of using a full zirconia bridge which is more comfortable compared to an overdenture and also offers higher aesthetic results. It is used in patients that have a greater bone support and it could also be screw retained. An all on six Toronto bridge is screw retained and it is not removable by the patient. To see the results of this treatment Dental Implants in Albania

Why Dental implants in Tirana

Titanium Bar Attachment

At Toronto Dental we make sure our patient satisfaction is 100% by following ADA (America Dental Association) guidelines. Using the best dental materials in the market, latest 3d Cad Cam technology and professional expertise we strive to be the best Dental Clinic in Tirana.  Full comprehensive treatment and a multilingual staff will make you feel at home.

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